Hurricane Harvey

Community Stories

Even before Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Rockport on August 25, and ever since, stories have been circulating about the storm, about the flood, about the city and its heroes and its flaws. We have collected these works of public and communal remembering about Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath because we are interested in the work that stories can do to help us make sense of traumatic and catastrophic events. Any history we share with others necessarily begins with questions about what each of us remembers and how, and in what ways we can learn from the differences and agreements we encounter in the stories of our remembering. We hope this exhibition provides a place for thinking through these questions, for reflecting on what these stories reveal about our city, for mourning what we have lost and for finding inspiration about how to move together into the future. This exhibition is not comprehensive. We need your stories, and hope you will consider sharing them with us.

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