The Ocean Is Wearing My Clothes: Student Stories and Poems

Ethan, 4th Grade

Writers in the Schools

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What I Found and Lost During Harvey

I found an umbrella while I was in the hot attic and looking through the one
blurry window. I also found a dead skunk when I was walking through the three
feet of water and it was dead on my front porch. In addition, I found some
leeches because while I was in the water, some got in my big rain boots
and started sucking my blood. Finally, I found water moccasins in my
backyard, so I shot them with my BB gun.

I lost my favorite dog Sandy. She was a light brown Shepherd Pit.
She was playful and liked to be lazy. I heard her whining in the bathroom,
so I went to check it out. When I got in there, water was in the bathtub, and
she had drowned. There was a crack in the roof, and a lot of water came in.

She was a puppy. I really miss her.