Hurricanes Don't Worry: Poems from Men in the Harris County Jail

Harvey and Houston Strong

David Tiger Sanchez

As the days poured down
here on H-Town
the people had no choice
but to bunker down
it was tears of fear
looking at all those years
of blood sweat
and tears and happiness
going down with all those drops yes
the fears with worried tears yes
I sit here looking out
knowing without a doubt
it will all be gone
flooding with rain
I see the loved ones
start to go insane
it was all gone but behold
someone said we’re HOUSTON STRONG
so let’s all come along
and together we can be strong
and do this for as long as it takes
without any mistakes
to fix this wrong
because we’re HOUSTON STRONG
together it will not take forever
to fix mother nature’s wrong
yes she is strong
but little did she know we’re HOUSTON STRONG
and we don’t accept even her wrong
so let it pour like it belonged
but united we stand
and together we can only stand
as the world can see
it will be like the strongest tree
because we’re HOUSTON STRONG
so today as I ignore the wrong
that was at my door I smile
and in that while
I say let it pour
at my door