Hurricanes Don't Worry: Poems from Men in the Harris County Jail

Harvey the Next Day

Ron Giesler

Harvey came at night while I was sleeping.
I awake to the aftermath. No power in our
all electric apartment. Bunch of ice at the
convenience store to cool down the fridge.
We drove all around Channelview looking
for an open grocery store. All closed.
Found a meat market open at Freeport St.
Waited in line just to buy fajita meat.
Made fajitas on the grill – the best ever.
We lived off the grill for the week.

Ended up
driving to Hull in Liberty County to check
on our kids. Two feet of water in their house
and they lost a car in the flood. Heartbreaking
devastation along the way. People everywhere
trying to save what they could. Liberty River
touching the bottom of the bridge on Hwy 90.
My wife and I were lucky. I, an electrician, was back
at work the day after. Working all over checking
and repairing. Making sure no one would be
electrocuted when the power was restored.
It went on for two weeks, and then all the stores
reopened and we all moved on with the memories
of life and death.