Hurricanes Don't Worry: Poems from Men in the Harris County Jail

Just in Time

Nathan Lambert

I was watching the news while it was raining I knew the rain was going to be bad just not how bad. I had spoken to some friends who were having a hurricane party and it sounded like fun to me. I drove to the store to grab some beer before. House was in Oak Forest and had never flooded, so we weren’t worried.

I went out to the backyard. Kids running around in the rain in bathing suits, playing in the pool like nothing special was going on. It continued to rain. The adults were under the patio cover having a good time, catching a buzz. Time clicked on, and no one really paid attention to how bad it was getting.

Meanwhile out front of the house the rain was slowly creeping up the yard several hours had passed. Well into the evening, when someone came in the front door, frantic. Several cars parked in the street already had water up past the doors. The street was flowing like a river. If your vehicle wasn’t already damaged it was time to move.

I, like several others, was driving a four-wheel drive truck. As I jumped into the street on the way out, I lost my sandals. The water was at the very bottom of my door. I had gotten there just in time. I proceeded to park my truck in the front yard. My buddy wasn’t very happy but it was either that, or my truck would flood. The river reached my tires and almost to the front door of the house there was nothing anyone could do. We waited and then, just in time, the rain slowed enough for the water to recede.

If your vehicle wasn’t flooded already, this was your chance to leave. I took the chance and drove back home in two feet of water, and again I made it home just in time because it started to rain hard again, and that meant more flooding needless to say I was stuck at my house for a while after that.