Hurricanes Don't Worry: Poems from Men in the Harris County Jail

Miserable Days

Manuel Garcia

It was one crazy scary night
in the month of August
Harvey hit in the middle
people were freaking out
didn’t know what kind
of damage would come around
all we could do…stay calm
pray and hope for the best
it wasn’t ‘til the next day
we realize what happened
‘specially downtown
I and many people won’t forget
flood that took long to go away
even power some of us couldn’t get
fishermen out there rescuing people
many were safe but didn’t have no place to stay
because the storm took everything away
some still wait for their home get fix
while some others got their life back
but could never forget that horrible day
but the most bad and sad about all this is
a few people lost their life
now all we could do is pray for their families
and ask God for strength.