The Ocean Is Wearing My Clothes: Student Stories and Poems

Mya, 4th Grade

Writers in the Schools

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Harvey the Hurricane

When I was nine, Hurricane Harvey hit. It was a rough three days. We went to the store, but we didn’t get anything. We were just there because we thought they were going to pick us up because of the flood. They didn’t. 

From there we went to library, where they picked us up at about 1 AM. We went to the George R. Brown Convention Center, and it was so scary and loud. My brother and I were crying. When we got inside, we lay down and fell asleep.

We stayed there for three days until my uncle came to get us. We stayed in his house for a month. My favorite place at his house is the gym. There’s a lot of exercise equipment, and it is a quiet place to work or listen to Selena Gomez songs. I can write a poem there.

There is a pretty big window where you can see the backyard, and if my mom and tia are making burgers and French fries, I can smell it. I feel safe in there. My cousin and I get to have some alone time. We talk, we play tag. If she is sad, I let her go in the gym room to calm down. If I want to celebrate, that’s the place. 

We are supposed to get a house. It’s been a month and a half that we have been living with my uncle and tia. They need their own privacy. They say that they don’t want us out, but we know they just don’t want to say so.

We rented a house, and we had to clean up because it was really dirty. Now it looks nice and smells clean.