Pleasantville Library Opens


Literacy and a love of books was a key value of the community from the beginning. Residents maintained a weekly bookmobile and began advocating for a library as early as 1957. Their tireless efforts finally led to a local branch of the Houston Public Library, which opened in 1974. 

Residents of Pleasantville had been advocating for a library since 1957. In the 1950s, they organized a volunteer run bookmobile with hundreds of volumes that was available near the elementary school from 2-5pm every Tuesday. In the 1960s, they organized a community book club, and children’s reading club. After nearly two decades of advocacy and community effort, Pleasantville finally its own branch of the Houston Public Library in 1974.

Listen to Cleophus Sharp recall his experiences using the bookmobile as a youth in the 1950s, and the community investment in literacy that eventually led to the library.

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