The Ocean Is Wearing My Clothes: Student Stories and Poems

Daniel, 4th Grade

Writers in the Schools

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It was magnificent how the rain just kept coming. After a while, it was making big puddles. We were getting scared. We were listening to the radio because the power was off so we couldn’t watch the news. When the water came in the house up to my ankles, we put everything we could on top of the furniture. Then we called my uncle who came in his big truck and took us to a hotel.

After a week or two, we went back to our house. First I found our ruined car. The paint was coming off. When we opened the front door, it smelled terrible. I wished we could just go back to the hotel. All of our furniture was ruined. My favorite was a small orange-red couch because it was squishy and comfortable. All my video games got wet because they were in a drawer under the TV.

We’re still living in a rented house, while my dad works on our house. I wish the hurricane would never have happened because it has been very expensive. Everytime I ask my parents if I can have something, they say we can’t buy it because we are fixing the house.