Community Stories


Molly Gochman

Water. The main constituent of all the earth’s living organisms. It’s where we all found home before we were born. It’s where we often find home as we grow. It’s what has brought us to build cities, and what has torn our cities apart.

Drenched combines several series by Molly Gochman that seek to explore the vulnerabilities people face because of natural disasters, and the ways in which communities come together as a result.

The hope is that Drenched can serve as a memorial to the emotional loss caused by flooding, in the context of Houston and India. Homes ruined, belongings irreparably damaged, photographs lost forever, families separated — the flooding destroyed more than just objects.

These images, of flood-damaged personal items and parts of homes that became piles of trash, were transferred by hand onto paper then digitally printed onto aluminum, juxtaposing a resilient and durable object with precious, fleeting memories.