The Ocean Is Wearing My Clothes: Student Stories and Poems

Nancy, 3rd Grade

Writers in the Schools

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Benjamin Vizuet

During Hurricane Harvey, I lost my mom’s friend. His name was Benjamin Vizuet. He was 34 years old and lived in a big house. He had three kids. He loved to help his children. He was nice. He made us laugh. He had a very small beard and brown eyes. He was the husband of my mom’s boss. He did not like to eat cold food. He liked helping people. He loved his kids a lot.

During the flood, he was in a boat with some friends saving people. He left them in a safe place. Then they were going to save more people, but the motor of the boat exploded and they fell down in the water. They were screaming for help, but just one survived. The man’s daughter was saying, “My father didn’t die. He is going to come back and go with me to the store and buy Shopkins.” We tried to tell her that he really had died, but she couldn’t accept that her father had died.